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March, 2021

Product presentation: su:m37 Secret Essence: The su:m37 Secret Essence is an essence, this hybrid liquid skincare product typically found in Asian skincare routines. It is between a toner lotion and a serum. And this one belongs to the categories of “first” essences. They’re also called various other names: “fermentation essence”, “facial treatment essence”, “first treatment essence”, “starting treatment essence”… All these essences are quite common in Asia. They’re usually part of a more complex skincare routine with a layering process and that their main claimed action on the skin is their brightening/ whitening effect, and this is a very important concern for Asian customers. The Secret Essence is a “first essence”, which is like a “pre-essence“, to apply before everything else (including other essences) in your skincare routine in order to optimize the results of the other products you apply on top. Obviously, if you don’t want to do a complex skincare routine with several steps, the Secret Essence can be your only essence. According to the brand, the Secret Essence works on: – hydration, – evening out the skin texture (which it helps to smooth and soften), – toning/firming action, – wrinkles and fine lines (smoothing effect), – skin brightening, – reducing hyperpigmentation. Usually, these “First” essences all have a rather similar composition, they’re often very rich in fermented ingredients such as Galactomyces or Saccharomyces (which are yeasts, I talked about them in my Focus article on fermented ingredients). It is the case with this Secret Essence, but here, the fermented ingredient is composed of 80 different plant extracts, which the brand calls “Cytosis“. This mixture of ingredients fermented for 365 days. It’s supposed to significantly improve the skin in all aspects and is in every su:m37 product. Fermentation transforms the ingredients so that they can penetrate deeper into the skin. During fermentation, new additional substances are also created that are beneficial to the skin, such as minerals for example. su:m37 products are extremely rich in fermented ingredients, and they are not diluted as much as in other brands, which also explains their rather high price. The rest of the formula includes other interesting skincare ingredients such as ferulic acid (antioxidant), and niacinamide (one of my faves!). My experience: I have been using essences with fermented ingredients in my routine for more than 2 years now. My skin loves them! I see the difference in the hydration of course, but also on the radiance of my complexion, and also on the texture of my skin. I also like the way you need to use them (by pressing directly on the skin), very pleasant! I decided to invest in the Secret Essence and I I take advantage when I can find some kits with other products from the range (I was also able to try the lighter Secret Essence Mist and the Double Concentrate essence, a more concentrated version that looks like a serum) (both are good, but clearly for me, the Secret Essence is the star of the show). The bottle I bought was smaller than the classic version because it was in a kit (and I have since bought it in travel format, so on my picture, there is an empty bottle and a full bottle 😉). It lasted me 4 months (its size was 60ml). Result: The su:m37 Secret Essence is one of the best fermented ingredients-based essences I have ever tried. I find it very hydrating, as soon as I apply it. It also smells very good, which is always great (a rather fresh and lemony scent). The application is therefore very pleasant, which motivates me to use it! I also saw good results on my skin with this essence. It gives me a lot of radiance, my skin is more even, less prone to imperfections and my pores are tightened. For the firming, anti-wrinkle claims, well, I’m less convinced but I know it shows in the very long term! In conclusion: I really like this Secret Essence. It’s not only pleasant to use, I see results on my skin with it. Summary: su:m37 Secret Essence is Enriched with fermented extracts from 80 botanical plants, this essence transforms and gives your skin a smooth, baby-like softness. Apply this essence after cleansing and toning to restore moisture and balance to your skin. Pros: - the elegant and luxurious packaging - the formula is rich in fermented botanical ingredients, a delight if you are a fan of hanbang cosmetics - the fresh aromatic scent, I like it very much - the refreshing and quickly absorbed texture which stimulates the skin - the stimulating effect on the complexion's radiance - the comfort, the skin feels immediately hydrated - the effect on my skin color: it's clearer and brighter - the quantity/price ratio: you don't need a lot, the bottle lasts a long time Cons: - it's expensive, it's definitely a luxury product (you can find it in special kits that are great value for money). Packaging: A matte glass bottle with a golden cap with a decorated top, very pretty. Fragrance: An aromatic and lemony scent, very nice. Texture: A gel-like liquid, that’s neither greasy nor sticky. For: All skin types, all ages. Concerns: – dehydrated skin – devitalized skin – dull skin – hyperpigmentation – mature skin Key Ingredients: The formula is super long, it contains 80 (!!!) fermented plant extracts (which I won’t list). These 80 fermented plant extracts form what the brand calls “Cytosis“, a mix that has been fermented for 365 days. This blend of fermented ingredients is supposed to significantly improve the skin in all aspects and is in su:m37 product. There are also other star cosmetics ingredients such as: – FERULIC ACID: a powerful antioxidant, – NIACINAMIDE, one of my favorite ingredients because it is multi-function – moisturizing GLYCERIN and HYAURONIC ACID – and CENTELLA ASIATICAC, the famous CICA, very soothing


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Product review imageProduct review image
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