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March, 2021

Guys, let me give you a proper feedback on this amazing moisturiser. I use Tretnoin 0.025% (retinoic acid/retinoid) every other night. Which means, after awhile, my skin turned sensitive, irritated, and extremely flaky (feeling off), especially around the mouth and chin. I tried MANY moisturisers with no effect. After using this SVR my skin was repaired and fully healed! It took around 2-3 weeks to see full results and have NO flakiness (my skin didn't peel off anymore), no redness, no irritation, and no stinging. First improvements appeared after only 3 days. I totally recommend this if you're using Tretinoin and have issues because of it. I must mention that I never stopped using Tretinoin. I kept using it, and still am, every other night. This is a life saver!! :) One more thing. I recommend this for night use or around the house if you don't go out or don't plan to use foundation that day. It's quite greasy and leaves a greasy look on the face. I don't mind it cause it does wonders to my skin, and I use it every morning and evening. But if you hate greasy, heavy creams, than just use it at night. However, don't worry about the greassiness, cause it's non-commedogenic. Which means it won't clog your pores and you won't breakout either. I have acne prone skin and also prone to commedones, but this moisturizer caused NO such issues.


Quite greasy. I recommend it for night time use if you don't like that. It's really worth it though cause it really repairs your skin barrier and any irrigation caused by strong acids or Tretinoin.

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May, 2021

It is good if you need to repear your skin barrier! I use Differin gel and sometimes my skin gets irritated and red. I use it in the night and it helps a lot! BUT it is greasy, SO just keep in mind if you want it for a day use better use lighter moisturizer! Otherwise it is great for what it was done!


Can be greasy! So use it at night!

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