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💧Lagom Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser review

💧Lagom Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser 💦I received this product for free from Picky & LAGOM in exchange for my honest review. The Swedish word 'lagom' means 'just the right amount' in English. LAGOM was created to be the 'perfect morning cleanser' 🌈Personal skintype & concerns: oily/resilient, acne-prone, aging, hyperpigmentation & dry patches 💧A beautifully clear gel in a 220ml transparent squeeze tube with flip top lid. Box is white and sturdy with the Lagom slogan of 'not too little not too much'. Modern looking. Clear gel has a natural scent but not fragranced. True to the name, the gel turns into a thick water, not foam, upon application on both dry & wet skin. It is actually an oil-based cleanser. 💧Has pH level of 6.2 +/- 1.0, making it great for acne. Does contain a lot of essential oils, so sensitive & dry skin should use caution with a patch test. 💧I used this cleanser different ways. 1. As a 1st cleanse in PM. 2. As a 2nd clesnse in PM. 3. As my only AM cleanser. It did remove my SPF but not mascara, and as a 2nd cleanse removed oil cleanser while not stripping my skin. My favorite way is using it as my AM cleanser. It removes any overnight mask and/or sebum production. 💧Product claims to be an AM cleanser that cleanses sebum & impurities built up overnight while leaving skin moist. I have to agree. I love this for my AM cleanser & have been using it every AM for a week now. 🧪Favorite Ingredients: Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil [pretty sure this is the pleasant scent]. Urea ("small-molecule regulator of epidermal structure and function") ✅Final Thoughts: Love this as my AM cleanser. I find that it is very gentle in breaking down overnight mask & sebum production. Cleanses my oily AM face without stripping skin. Not quite strong enough to use as a PM 1st or 2nd cleanse for me. 💋Kiss(star)Rating: 4/5 (so hard! Took 1 💋 for being only AM for me) 🤳As always, all selfies are unedited & unfiltered. @go.picky @pickyrewards @lagom.global @lagom.official #pickyreview #gopicky #LagomPicky #LagomGelToWaterCleanser #LagomCosmetics #kbeauty #morningcleanser #resilience #transformingtexture #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreanskincareroutine https://www.instagram.com/p/CWGmJvaLBdQ/?utm_medium=share_sheet
Cellup Gel To Water Cleanser

Cellup Gel To Water Cleanser

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