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Madagascar Centella Ampoule




glowandsunshine review for Madagascar Centella Ampoule


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Madagascar Centella Ampoule

product review positives
I had the luck to win this ampoule from a Stylevana giveaway and have started using it a few weeks ago. I'm very happy to have received this because it was one of the products I was most hyped to try in 2021 as everyone's been taking about it 😊 I have also received this product for free from Picky and Skin1004 in exchange for my honest review. The honey-colored product comes in a big 100ml glass bottle with a sleek, practical pipette I love that it only contains one ingredient and didn't irritate my skin upon application and the watery lightweight texture! Centella Asiatica is said to help calm down redness and irritated skin and I can say it has helped me with that 🙏🏻 My skin is suffering from constant redness and after my skincare routine with the Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule, I feel it helping with that problem. Paired with a good moisturizer my skin looks healthier UPDATE: I've finished this ampoule and it lasted me about 7 months if I remember correctly. With the Skin1004 ampoules, you definitely get your money's worth (if the product works for you). Still wishing this was more hydrating but other than that I'm satisfied
product review negatives
The only thing would be that it's not hydrating for me, so I need to follow-up with a thicker moisturizer especially in colder months. I wished it had been a little more special but I like using it




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Great review
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Great review. Appreciate the update
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nice productt💕

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