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Rice Toner




Kelly Reviews review for Rice Toner


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Kelly Reviews


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Rice Toner

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Nourishing milky toner consisting of Rice Extract 🌾, Niacinamide, Purslane extract & Adenosine to hydrate, soothe, brighten & moisturise skin. Best suited for dry & dull skin, yet all can benefit😊 PERSONAL EXPERIENCE🙋🏽‍♀️ Amazing! I’ve been using this toner during the transition from autumn🍂 to winter & it’s been incredible! It’s hydrating while providing a light layer of moisture. It’s not heavy, doesn’t clog my pores nor does it leave me greasy. It doesn’t leave a layer on top of my skin- it absorbs well! I use it in both my AM & PM routines. A little goes a long way. I prefer decanting it into my hands & patting it into my skin. It leaves a natural to subtle dewy finish depending on the amount of layers I put on. I tend to only layer it twice. It has my skin feeling hydrated, nourished, moisturised & looking healthy! It has helped w/ redness, gently soothed as well as brighten my skin ever so subtly. I love how light weight it is🥺. I’ve truly noticed how radiant, healthy & hydrated my skin is w/ this toner! Definitely worth a try Have you used this toner/keen on trying it? Lmk❤️ OVERALL- 9/10 REPURCHASE-💯 WORTH A TRY? Yes, if it suits your needs, skin type & budget RECOMMEND- Yes! I thank all can benefit😊 FEEL & FINISH? - White milky toner - Light weight - Not grainy - Dewy to natural finish- healthy radiance - Great combo of hydration & moisture FRAGRANCE/EO? - None MY FAVE QUALITIES🥰 - Great for barrier care - Hydrating MY LEAST FAVE QUALITIES🥺 - Full size is a bit pricey HOW DOES IT WORK W/ OTHER PRODUCTS? - 🙌🏽 - No piling/ foaming GENERAL PROs👏🏽 - Hydrating - Light moisture - Non sticky - Not heavy - Comfortable - Little goes a long way - Layers well - Brightening - Soothing - Helps w/ redness - Healthy radiance - Nourishing
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The only downside is that the full size is pricey 🥺




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I want to try this

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