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Perfect Pimple Patch

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alexandraskrupnikova review for Perfect Pimple Patch

Acne & Blemish Treatments

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Perfect Pimple Patch

product review positives
✨The patches act on superficial acne and blackheads! ☝️ Do not apply them to deep and closed ones! ☝️ ✨Before applying the patch, the skin should be cleaned and dried well. If the patch turns white or loses its stickiness, it means that the liquid from the pimple has been completely absorbed and it is ready for safe removal. This can happen after 24 hours, but it can take longer. If pus remains, then another patch should be glued! ✨The design of the package is unrealistically beautiful - iridescent, very pleasing to the eye and uplifting! 🤩 The package contains 18 patches of 10mm each, they are very thin and almost invisible on the skin! After opening, they are stored for as much as 36 months, which is very convenient! ✨My experience: I had a very large pimple near my nose, I wore the patch for a day, it was not felt on the skin and was invisible, perfectly hiding my pimple. After 24 hours, the patch turned white and I removed it. He filmed very easily and painlessly. As a result, a depression remained from the pimple (I often have this after large pimples, especially since I have enlarged pores)! Everything that came out of the pimple remained on the patch. I find this a great remedy when you need to quickly get rid of a pimple and still hide it! Great working product and lifeguard!
product review negatives
I didn't find any cons for myself!!!




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