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Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser




Cocola review for Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser


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Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser

product review positives
Key ingredients: 🍠 Yam root extract - Phytomuscin keeps the skin smooth and forms a moisture barrier, amino acids soothe sensitive skin 🍚🌾 Rice extract - Moisturisation 🥥Coconut Extract - Skin soothing 🌰Sweet Almond Seed Extract - Prevents moisture loss Key features: 💚Vegan 🐰Cruelty free 🌸Sensitive skin friendly 🚫Fragrance free 🚫Alcohol free 💭Thoughts: Claims to cleanse ultra-fine dust, replenish moisture, build/strengthen moisture barrier and smoothen your skin without causing skin irritation. If you’ve ever cut or prepared a yam without gloves on, you’d be family with the stinging, itchy sensation it leaves behind but there is no irritation as I massage it onto my face and after washing it off, it leaves my skin looking clear, bright and smooth. Isntree’s demonstration of their product shows that it begins as a sticky cream that turns milk when water is added. My milk cleanser came out creamy and light with a faint earthy scent without the sticky strands but after giving it a good shake, it started pumping out the advertised texture which I love! Despite the way it looks, it's neither sticky nor slimy and applies smoothly. I’m a big fan of milk cleansers and they were my go-to first cleanser for many years but I recently switched to oil cleansers. This Isntree milk cleanser definitely tempted me back and now I’m back to using this every night!
product review negatives
Their website says you can use just milk to remove foundation but I like using milk cleansers twice just to make sure all my foundation is off and my skin is properly cleansed. This was no different because even after the first round, there was still some foundation that got wiped off the second time. Always be sure to follow up with a foam cleanser after using a milk cleanser. Follow me @skincredibly.me on Instagram for more detailed reviews




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Great review

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