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Madagascar Centella Ampoule




Nurhikmah review for Madagascar Centella Ampoule


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Madagascar Centella Ampoule

product review positives
SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule SKIN1004 found the best “Centella Asiatica” found in the African Indian Ocean region, also known as the island of Madagascar. SKIN1004 uses "Centella Asiatica Extract" from Madagascar Island, as its main ingredient. Claims : Centella Asiatica It is effective in soothing red, troubled and irritated skin. Ingredients: Centella Asiatica Extract 100% Packaging: In terms of packaging, I personally think it is very simple but beautiful with a yellow glass bottle and a logo sticker attached to the bottle body. The applicator itself uses a pipette which is quite unique because the tip of the pipette is slightly tilted around 45° and the box is beautiful because there are pictures of Madagascar and some product information such as exp date, claims and others that use Korean. Texture: The texture itself is similar to water, odorless, not sticky and very light when used. The color itself is clear. Experience : My first experience using the ampoule from Skin1004 was very surprised and happy because a few weeks ago I had problems such as acne on my forehead due to the wrong diet and damaged skin barrier. But about 5 or 6 days the acne on the forehead has started to improve, even just dealing with acne scars. Usually I use this ampoule in 2 to 3 layers because I want to get extra hydration for my facial skin. When I use this ampoule at night when I wake up my facial skin looks healthy and very glowing! How happy I am <3 So, that was my review of skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule. Hopefully it can help you in finding a good ampoule for your skin problem.
product review negatives
Overalls, I fall in love with this! Although only using it for about 5 or 6 days but the change is quite okay especially for the texture of the skin. Besides, my skin is dry and aching! I'll keep using it, I want to try it a bit longer and see what happens to my ex-acne.




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I think this product has done more to give my skin that Korean Glass Skin appearance than any other product I have tried so far!

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