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Peach Whitening Power Cream




BeautyDeiavy review for Peach Whitening Power Cream


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Peach Whitening Power Cream

product review positives
In terms of packaging, I like it because it's really good, the texture is creamy but it's a bit runny, now it's easy to use base moisturizer first, but if not, it's hard to get ready, he claims to be white cast, and sometimes it peels off. if I use most of it, the effect is bright but instant, so it's not what we use and our real skin will be bright forever or not, if you use this skin is bright 1 level, and if you rinse it back to real skin ..
product review negatives
for The durability is long in me, what I'm afraid of if it clogs pores easily, I think it smells like a little milk hihi, it doesn't repurchase anyway :)




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