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| 5 July, 2022

good review
Product Review: COSRX - Acne Pinple Master Patch Claims: + Fast acting + Prevents scarring + Absorbs and extracts gunk + non-drying to the skin Product: 🔅 Made from A.D.F. Hydrocolloid Dresssing which speeds up the healing process and effectively extracts impurities. 🔅 There are 24 patches in a pack. 🔅 Comes in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium and Large). 《Thoughts and Review》 These are well known in the skincare community and rightly so! I get random acne spots from time to time and these are a real saver. When my pimples are fully formed, I put one on at night and in the morning, after removing it, I notice the gunk sucked out onto the patch and it's left dried up. Since it covers the pimple, there is no dirty hands accidentally spreading germs to the pimple and you can use makeup over the patch without a problem.They're also cheap and super convenient which is a serious bonus.
bad review
The downside is that they don't work for cystic acne (pimples from deep under the skin) and acne that hasnt fully formed.




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