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Madagascar Centella Ampoule




Suriskinsdiary review for Madagascar Centella Ampoule


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Madagascar Centella Ampoule

product review positives
I really like the texture of this ampoule! It has a watery texture. Lightweight, not sticky, and fast absorb. Its help hydrating your skin too. The best thing from this ampoule is, its ingredient has 100% centella which really good for calm and soothe the skin. Actually i quite disappointed why its not suit my skin, because i really like the texture. Overall this ampoule quite good for soothe, calm, & hydrating your skin, except if you experience the same things like me. And i think its suitable for all skin type especially sensitive skin. But do patch test first before using this on your face, especially because it has high percentage og its ingredient.
product review negatives
But oh well, this product that seems HG for many people doesn't suit my skin. Actually this is my 2nd bottles too, and sadly it still gimme negatif reaction. In the first bottle, i had one set line skin1004 centella madagascar and it gave me a big breakout😒 And thus, in the 2nd bottles actually i hope it can suit my skin. First i patched test this on my neck for a week & it was okay. I thought it seems okay this time, then i tried om my face. On the first day actually it did work well. But, in the second times, it gave me pimples again! And it was hurt😭 it gave me tiny bumps on my jaw too😔




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I like how you review the products. It makes me wanna try them too ♥️



Such a detailed review

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