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Madagascar Centella Ampoule




Siitha review for Madagascar Centella Ampoule


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Madagascar Centella Ampoule

product review positives
I think 95 out of 100 people try this amazing ampoule would love and reccomend it 🌟 I try this one due to Suhay Salim review on youtube in october 2019 when I stopped using my prescription cream from beauty clinic. Eventhough this product categorized as an ampoule which usually has high viscosity, but the texture is light and so watery since it contains 100% cica extract. It feels little bit slippery for a while, but after I tap on over my face, it quickly absorbed, and I can feel my skin is plumpy then. There is also no tacky feeling after its absorbed, and I luv this kind of texture 💖 Rather than ampoule, I use it for ‘first essence’ and layering it with other serum. For me, it doesnt cure my acne directly, but it helps to calm and soothe my skin, make my skin healthier. It also helps to optimize the next product I put on. (You can check my acne progress on my affiliate link). Due to its brand name Skin1004 (re: skin angel), I called it ‘air surga’ (heaven water) 😅 I’ve used this ampoule since October 2019 with old version packaging (you can check foto with text, I’ve shared it on my IG highlight story) till august 2020, I didnt repurchase it for 3rd time because the price was drastically increase (from IDR 265k to IDR 400k up). The price was increase due to product became viral and skin1004 make official account for Indonesian. On July 2021, I repurchase it also with soothing cream cause 7.7 promo at skin1004 officiall store. Then I just restocked it from its official store every times I could get best dea 😍 For 100ml product, IDR200-280k is more than worth for me using it 4-5 months. I’ve been finished 3 full sized ampoule since then 😅 There is also 30ml and 55ml product to try on, but the price quite pricy.
product review negatives
Rather than the price, the packaging is simply fancy which actually I love to put it on my makeup table but its also not travel friendly, I’ll cry over if it breaks 😅, every drop is so precious for me 🌟




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Great review
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This is a great product line in general

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