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What's the worst SPF you've ever tried?

There are a lot of discussions about what our holy grails are, and they're great to find new products. However, I don't think I've ever come across ones with the worst product recommendations people have used (and/or trashed). This would be useful so that we can all avoid the nasty ones. So fellow Picky users, let us discuss our anti holy grails! Let's stick to SPFs for now as they're the foundation to any skincare routine. My anti holy grail SPF is the NUXE facial sunscreen. This literally burned my eyes off, gave me the whitest white cast, had the most disgusting smell and the texture was a mix between super glue and tar. Basically, anything that could go wrong with an SPF was wrong with this SPF. Anyways would love to hear everyone else's anti holy grails. What's your worst SPF and why?

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