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How long do you take☺️?

Hi Picky Members💕😊 Last night I was talking with my hubby about why I take so long to do my PM Skincare Routine, & I began to wonder how many other people may take as long as I do?- OR less? OR more?, or if I'm putting more time in than I really need to? I take an hour every night--sometimes a little over an hour...But I take my time & really massage/pat each product in. I also give some time in-between each step (like after my Differn "adapalene gel", or after a serum before applying another serum). Even on the nights Im super tired, if I dare doze off & wake up at 2am, I'll get up & still apply my hour PM routine 🙈 So I was curious, How long do you take when doing your nighttime routine? Is it 10min, hour? More?

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