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Your Fav Moisturizer?

Hi Picky Squad! I want to know your favorite moisturizer which is your holy grail, right? I really wanted some recommended moisturizers for oily skin. Please mention your recommendations and also for the ones you use daily. βœ¨πŸ’œ

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Real Barrier Extreme Cream

Hello guys, this time I want to introduce a product that is really suitable for those who have problems with your skin barrier or it can also be called the topmost skin problem in our skin layers, namely Real Barrier Extreme Cream. Key Ingredients: - Triples Ceramide [which is very effective in overcoming the skin barrier and repairing it] - Hyaluronic Acid [to provide skin hydration] - Allantoin, Madeccasoside, Panthenol [provides a soothing effect on irritated skin] Texture: The texture of this cream is a rich and thick cream type. Although this cream is thick but it is not heavy and the first time i tried it leave a little bit sticky effect and this cream is very good because it absorbs directly into the skin Scent: The fragrance of this cream is lavender scent and I think it has a slight herbal smell. so fresh Packaging: Has a very sturdy plastic jar of very high quality measuring 50ml and equipped with a silver swivel lid, inside there is a lid to cover the product along with a transparent spatula. My honest review: This cream is so crazy, i love it sooooooo much, i use it at night, even though it's a bit thick and heavy cream but it really absorbs into my skin and finish after i apply it makes my skin very smooth and little bit sticky, really makes my skin smooth, and I use this cream there is no strange feeling when I apply it to my skin like heat, or something else. It's very delicious, it makes my acne and breakouts really calm. oh yeah I almost forgot, I use this cream to taste I put it in the palm of my hand after that I put it all over my face after that I flatten it, then I tap the tap so it's perfectly absorbed into the skin. And my skin type is very oily and acne prone, I use this cream on my oily skin so it doesn't make my skin oily, even I think it controls the oil on my face, because it has a semi matte finish. And the smell doesn't bother me at all. Because actually I'm not too sensitive to fragrances in skincare. Netto: 50ml Price: USD 38 / IDR. 540.000 ++ PAO: 12M

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