Skin care made smarter for the lazy and clueless.

Committing to a skin care routine should be an exciting journey of discovery, but in the age of the Internet and never-ending skin care trends, this process of #selflove may become tiring or even intimidating.

This is why we developed Picky - to cut through the noise and to help anyone at any stage of their personal skin care journey get started and further.

Get started.

Picky's Skin Type Analyzer is a one-minute tool that determines your skin type with 14 easy questions. Based on your answers, find out what characteristics your personal skin type exhibits. The results may surprise you!

Want to personalize your experience even more? Define your skin goals (for that #goddessglow) and preferences to exclude specific ingredients and highlight products that are cruelty-free, vegan or even pregnancy-friendly to truly get picky.

Get further.

The jewel in our crown. Signing up for a profile in Picky allows you to save your skin type and gain access to ingredient information over 30,000 skin care products. The Picky team works tirelessly to make sure that this database is kept updated. From evergreen favorites to newly-launched indie K-Beauty brands, we've got you covered.

Based on your skin type, skin goals and preferences, our Picky Match feature then carefully analyzes each product to give you a quick lowdown on how compatible it is with your skin. No need to look through each ingredient and wonder what it means - Picky does the job and presents results to you in a sec.

Get Picky.

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