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Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Soothing Serum

Face Skincare

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| 24 October, 2020

good review
I Love Herbivore products and I own all their oils and I love them all but this is more of a jelly like serum than an oil, I just received it and normally would would wait about a month to do a review but this product is absolutely amazing I have normal to oily skin . I've used and have plenty of serums BUT THIS is one of my top serums as it left my skin feeling hydrated, super smooth and really soft and plump!!!! The consistency is an Aloe Vera-like slime-gel (which I love). This is perfect to use with an essence It also layers perfectly with other serums , but I apply this first before the rest . (Mixed with Prism it is amazing!) Then I always use one of herbivores oils to top it off but this serum is AMAZING I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT!!
bad review
Nothing My skin and I really love this serum




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