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Deep Green Tea Toner




juliandeabs review for Deep Green Tea Toner


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Deep Green Tea Toner

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🧐 Claims: It immediately restores the skin’s natural moisture balance, calms irritation, controls oil production to improve rough and dull skin. Thanks mainly to Centella Asiatica and Houttuynia Cordata, which are antioxidants for the skin to heal and protect it from damage. ✨ Personal Tagline: “Having a rough time? Then have some TEA.” 🌈 #WhatJulianDSays: ❤️ Here’s another segment for my Benton series! This toner is ultra perfect for daytime and nighttime use, and sometimes even for my post-workout toning session.👊🏽 This toner has been really easy to incorporate into my routine as it tends to match any other products I use whether I’d go for something deeply moisturizing, or when I’d opt for something more ‘active’ like my Vitamin C and Niacinamide serums. 💚 I know this toner is moisturising but you can also try using it with a cotton pad for a bit more exfoliation, I do it when I feel like my skin becomes sluggish or dull, then afterwards you’ll see your skin immediately light up and the removed dirt on your cotton pads or balls. 🌟 This one doesn’t have any alcohol, fragrance or essential oil and the key ingredients are purely good for the skin, so irritation is virtually non-existent. 🍃 💫 In the end, it made my skin look healthier and more supple, while minimizing the risk of irritation from when I go out, I workout hard or when I use other actives in my routine. I haven’t had any major breakout after I started using this too.
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I havent had bad experiences with the product as the formula, and ingredients worked well for my skin. Plus the packaging, scent, texture and the size is all superb. It’s a toner im most likely to use again and again. 🥰




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Benton never fail to impress

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