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Caffeine Eye Cream

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The Inkey List


Skincarelife review for Caffeine Eye Cream

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Caffeine Eye Cream

product review positives
A super lightweight gel and easy to absorb into skin caffeine eye cream. This caffeine eye cream doesn't surprise me but it has really dealt with my concerns slowly and gently. This reduced the puffiness of my eyes day by day when I used it for an am and pm routine. This eye cream is fragrance-free, goes on smooth with no real residual tackiness, and just very simply works. It is fast consumed because I didn't know how much I should use for my eyes area. However, it's at an affordable price even though it only has 15ml. I will definitely repurchase this caffeine eye cream as it did not dry out my eye areas or cause any milia and irritation.
product review negatives
Nothing bad about this product. I hope there will be bigger version of the packaging ☕




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