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First Toner




MisskintrovertedAnn review for First Toner


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First Toner

product review positives
This low pH balancing toner provides calming and cooling benefits without the sting. Feels gentle on my skin, and exfoliates mildly with LHA. No purging and breakouts experienced. This renewed version also feels a bit more hydrating and moisturizing. - I try to avoid products with chemical exfoliants for 2 days after treatment nights - but, I find this toner gentle enough not to aggravate my skin. Plus, the instant soothing effect just feels so good. - Watery (zero viscosity), easily absorbed, and nontacky. Has a very light, aqua scent thats not bothersome for me, and disappears after a few seconds. #alcoholfree #fragrancefree - Transferred some to a spray bottle for a refreshing mist and enjoying it.
product review negatives
This toner did improve on hydrating the skin, and I enjoyed using it. However, this takes a longer time to exfoliate and brighten my skin. I like LHA (being the milder exfoliator) - but, I am happier with the exfoliation and brightening results that I got from the first version that contains PHA and BHA.




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