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Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF 50+ PA++++




tinyskin review for Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF 50+ PA++++

Hybrid Sunscreens

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Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF 50+ PA++++

product review positives
Finding a good sunscreen you want to wear everyday is arguably the most fickle to part of building a skincare routine. It's only gotten harder after the multiple SPF issues with different brands. This sunscreen, however, passed with flying colors. ☀️🥛Texture/ Consistency: True to its name, the texture reminds me of milk, albeit slightly thicker. It has a very runny, liquid, and LIGHTWEIGHT texture that can kind of drip off your fingers if you don't put it on your face fast enough which is something I welcome with open arms and oily skin 🤗. ☀️🥛 Finish: The finish is matte with a slightly powdery feeling. It doesn't pill and can sit well on top of other products and under makeup. ☀️🥛 Scent: It has a very noticeable powdery scent which might bother some people, especially those with sensitive skin or a sensitive nose. However, it didn't bother me and I honestly prefer it to the usual scent of sunscreen you smell at the beach (keep in mind I do limit the fragrance in other products I use). ☀️🥛Performance: I find that I don't look shiny or greasy at all after putting this and it also helps prevent me from getting too oily throughout the day. I don't find myself getting dry using this sunscreen because I use moisturizer underneath. This is also waterproof and sweat proof for the first 80 minutes, I believe. I highly appreciate this because I get sweaty so quickly and so often that it worries me whether my sunscreen is still doing its job properly. ☀️🥛 Some notable ingredients: Not gonna be specific with this. It's a hybrid sunscreen that has both mineral and chemical filters. It has alcohol which contributes to how lightweight it feels, but it doesn't bother or dry out my skin, in my case. ☀️🥛 Packaging: It's a bottle that's on the flatter side which can easily fit in your pocket and perfect for on the go reapplication. The nozzle does an okay job of letting out the right amount of product. ☀️🥛Additional thoughts: I think oily skin types who live in a humid environment would enjoy this the most. If you're gonna take a swim in a pool, this might be good as well since it's waterproof. It may be too matte for other people but I've honestly never tried a sunscreen like this where I don't feel the need to powder myself every hour or be conscious of my shiny skin ALL THE WHILE GETTING SOME GOOD SUN PROTECTION 😩💖. I'm not as picky with sunscreens in terms of alcohol and fragrance because I just want something that won't feel like a burden to use and something that I'll actually enjoy, and this was it!!!
product review negatives
☀️🥛strongly fragranced ☀️🥛contains alcohol ☀️🥛it's quite pricy ☀️🥛might be too matte and drying for those who don't have oily skin




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