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Peel Off Mask




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Peel-off Masks

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Peel Off Mask

product review positives
🖤BLAQ Face Mask ($24.99) is an activated charcoal peel-off mask that targets toxins, draws out impurities & minimizes the look of pores while clinging to the gunk to extract. The result should be flawless, poreless, perfect skin. They claim you should simply apply, peel & reveal. Going to the lengths of using a hashtag to pass the time while you post your selfies! Good marketing tactics, definitely but does it do the job? This is why I'm here! :) 🖤My verdict: It's okay. Not OMG THE BEST but simply...meh. I heard a lot of talk about this Blaq mask, seeing people get scared of using it because social media claimed it was "harsh & extremely painful" to take off. So, naturally--I was obsessed with wanting to see what the buzz was about. So, getting the chance to be picked via Picky to try this out was a dream come true! But I am here to say that this Blaq mask is just a generic black facial mask that doesn't really do much other than leave my skin feeling soft. Which honestly could just be the residue left over. I tried this several different times, using various different techniques (on dry skin, on prewashed skin, after a week of buildup, after 2 weeks of buildup, etc) but every time was the same! I REALLY wanted to fall in love with this social media buzzed mask but I couldn't. It wasn't even strong to remove my blackheads. It mostly removed hair particles & some minor gunk but nothing ground breaking! Definitely not to the extent of my excitement, it just *worked* but barely. It definitely wasn't painful to take off, just minor in comparison to others I've used. (Mostly painful because of the hairs it slightly attached to!) But other than that, just a generic okay black face mask that does what it should do but nothing much else! I've had DIY face masks that were more effective than this. Just being honest. Especially for the price point, I'd rather DIY a quick charcoal face mask with glue than buy this again! 3/5
product review negatives
🚫 I mentioned a lot of what I didn't like above! Poor results and the price doesn't match the overall experience & expectations I had about this mask!




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