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Acne & Blemish Treatments

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Super Pure

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I was looking for a Niacinaminde serum and I ended up using one with a 10% concentration which was breaking me out every time I used it. I thought I was purging but then I learnt that 10% was quite high and it potentially irritates sensitive skin 😓 @Glossier Super Pure serum was recommended by Dr. Iddros on her youtube channel, which she said it had a 5% concentration of Niacinamide so I thought I would give it a go. For those who don’t know what Niacinamide is (really? Everyone and their mother are talking about it😂), it is a form of vitamin B3 which has been shown to reduce inflammation in moderate acne and it can limit the overproduction of sebum in oily skin types, which in turn leads to a balanced pore size. What’s more, it has even been proven to fade hyperpigmentation. Zinc is another great ingredient to fight acne and inflammation, so both combined sound like a very promising product! The serum applies lovely, same as other glossier serums, it is pretty liquid and absorbs quite quickly. The morning after the first use I did notice that my spots had reduced in size, so I have continued to use it on alternate nights and I think it has definitely helped with my breakouts, skin texture and evening out my skin tone. As per the oil control I can’t really say much, my skin is on the drier side except for around my nose which can get slightly oily, and I don’t think this has done anything to help with the oiliness unfortunately, at least nothing noticeable!
product review negatives
Unfortunately after continuos use I realised this started to cause breakouts as well, I think my skin just doesn’t agree with Niacinamide. I had a damaged skin barrier so that didn’t help. I might try this product again once my skin has healed.




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