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Clean Forever Young Biome Ampoule




byalliahmae review for Clean Forever Young Biome Ampoule


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Clean Forever Young Biome Ampoule

product review positives
As a huge fan of Miss Eunice @euniunni for years, I always look out for the products that she swears by for the reason that we "kinda" have the same skin type. One of which is this new product from Rovectin and I just had to try it myself. 💙 Right of the bat, you'll notice how beautifully presented this ampoule is.This royal blue glass contains 50ml of product. The packaging also comes with free stickers so you can customize the bottle according to your aesthetic. In my experience, I immediately noticed the soothing effects of this ampoule. The formula delivers enough hydration and consistency, making the skin instantly supple. I sometimes skip using moisturizer when using the product as it feels like the skin already has enough moisture locked in. Apart from it's hydrating effects, the core claim with the product is it's anti-aging effects. With the 7-layer Dual Biome Complex and the combination of Adenosine+Niacinamide as it's main ingredients, the ampoule claims to restore and strengthen skin barrier’s integrity as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Although I still can't attest it's anti-aging properties with my current skin conditions, I do know that the probiotics in the formula will stimulate collagen synthesis—just what our skin needs to ward off visible signs of premature aging. Well it's more on a a preventive step, warding off aging before it actually happens. A little TMI is I actually gave 1 to my mom as I received an extra bottle and she likes it. In her experience she said it makes her face look bright especially the morning after. She also likes layering it over her undereye to make the area supple thus reducing the appearance of fine lines.😊
product review negatives
My main concerns tho would be how messy the dropper is in dispensing the product as I noticed that upon closing the lid, the dropper tends to spill a lot of product which is a bummer since we all wanted to save as much product right? Plus it's quite expensive for me




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