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Rhodiola Lively Triple Cream




amberlopo review for Rhodiola Lively Triple Cream


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Rhodiola Lively Triple Cream

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✨Review time!✨ I was kindly selected in the Picky Giveaway to test out the L'essential Rhodiola set, which includes the L'essential Rhodiola Triple Cream and the First Toner. I Wanted to thank @lessential.global and @go.picky for the opportunity to review these products. ✨L'essential Rhodiola Triple Cream:  Texture: This product is 💯 Non scented. It's an airy, but quite rich with a thick consistency. It can easily be used day and night. However, since it's thick, it may be better to use as a night time moisturizer. 🍃 Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, adenosine, centella asiatica extract, and rhodiola extract. 🤔 My experience: I used this product night and day. I love how it's unscented and It's easy to spread on my skin, the product is not heavy.  It is a bit thick and tacky, but I  had no issues with this product what-so-ever, so I think it may be safe for most skin types. I will continue to use this until the product is gone and may reorder! 4.5/5: I would recommend this. Size is quite generous 2.7 FL oz for $40. USD
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Nothing bad to say about this product.




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