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Cica Intense Cream

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MommaWithSkinIssues review for Cica Intense Cream


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Cica Intense Cream

product review positives
I couldn't find much about this simple moisturizer, I've only read the current 3 available reviews on Picky. What's amazing about this? Well looking at the ingredients list, some that caught my attention were glycerin, phytosqualene, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, madecassoside, beta glucan, and centella asiatica. This also contains niacinamide and nothing wrong about having that as an ingredient that's part of your moisturizer. 🙌 So many hydrating ingredients and yet the texture is gel-cream. When you spread it all over the face, you feel that hydration. And what I love about it is... FRAGRANCE FREE! One more time... fragrance free. I just love products especially moisturizers that are fragrance free. It also helps with the sebum production, noticed it managed my sebum and prevented it from becoming too oily. So I would say, this is good for oily and acne-prone skin. For it's price, I can definitely say I'm buying this again. P249 with free shipping via Shopee. You'll get 50ml of product, that is definitely worth the price. Edit: Been using this for 4 weeks now. I'm happy with this. It's not the magical moisturizer that makes your skin crazy plump and renewed the next day. It's a simple moisturizer that works well. For it's price, it's already really good. I've been on tretinoin and noticed my cheeks are now a bit dry. I tried removing moisturizer in the mornings to try and lessen sebum production, I only use Baroness Aloe Vera Sun Cream but since tretinoin is quite strong, I decided to add it again in the mornings. Still so good for my routine.
product review negatives
Hmmmm? It's only available in Shopee and Lazada. But since (as of writing this review) we're in a Pandemic and going out is not really advisable, online shopping is just the ticket.




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