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Coconut Ceramide Mask




Redsofia review for Coconut Ceramide Mask

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Coconut Ceramide Mask

product review positives
I bought it from Sephora at 4€ but this mask is worth 40€ This is the cost of a good hydration facial at a spa (at least in my country). To maximize the product’s benefits you need to wear it at least 30 minutes. I’ll never forget the feeling when I put it on for the first time, 3 years ago. As if my skin was really thirsty and this mask helped it to quench the thirst! No other cream or serum had the same effect on my face. The cool and refreshing feeling is no different from other sheet masks when you have it on your face, it’s the amazing feeling and results when you put it off. This is the ultimate hydration! It feels like your face was treated by a professional aesthetician and it lasts for almost a week. But unfortunately I can’t find it anymore and I think it’s been discontinued. I’ve tried 2 dozens different masks ( plus creams + serums) since then and nothing could come close. I suggest to take a look at the ingredients list where you can see all sorts of miracle workers such as coconut water ( 2nd ingredient), hyaluronic acid (4th ingredient), niacinamide, ceramides and 5 different plant / fruit extracts. It also has a very pleasant coconut smell but I never pay attention to the smell anyway, in most cases it’s fragrance just for the temporary senses’ pleasure.
product review negatives
The only bad thing is that it’s not available anymore not only in my country but in my continent too 😔☹️ I would appreciate any help




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