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Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence




Cornelia review for Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence


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Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

product review positives
🌸 the main ingredients in this essence is snail mucin (96 %, hence the name). The star ingredient is supposed to work by reducing hyperpigmentation, reducing the appearance of acne scars, hydrating the skin and giving you that ✨ glow ✨. Despite its cult following, it simply didn’t deliver on its claims in my experience. I did give me a little hydration and a sticky kind of glow, but I didn’t see any long term effects even after consistent use for several months unfortunately 🌸 the product comes in a glass bottle with a pump. It is easy to use, sturdy and I had no problems with the pump at all. I love the packaging, especially since the pump is so much more efficient than having to pour it from the bottle yourself. Of course in addition to being much more hygienic. The bottle is also huge if you get the full size, so the product will last you a long time. Very good value for money in that sense 🌸 this essence was my first snail product a few years ago, and the texture was just what I expected: a sticky gooey mess lol. Thank god for the pump, or else it would be a very annoying application. It has much of the same consistency as the snail 92 cream from COSRX, but clear, more sticky and thinner. Unfortunately, the texture results in the product being very sticky on the skin, and taking a loong time to sink in. It also leaves a sticky residue when it has dried down, which feels like a film is left on the skin. 🌸 cruelty free! This is why COSRX is one of my fav brands! 🌸 no parabenes, no fragrance, no sulfates
product review negatives
🥀 the biggest drawback for this product is honestly the texture. It’s just unpleasant to use, and the feeling when it dries down is not the best. In the beginning of my skin care journey, I was under the impression that all snail products had to be like this, but then I discovered the black snail serum from iunik which didn’t give me any of the problems from the COSRX essence 🥀 the essence for some reason gave me little whiteheads all over my face, nothing extreme but annoying enough for me to not want to repurchase 🥀 very disappointed with the lack of long term results, especially since snail products usually work amazing for my skin




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