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Jeju Artemisia Essence




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Jeju Artemisia Essence

product review positives
My first Mugwort base ingredients and my first try out product from nacific. The texture is super watery with a herb scent, but as soon as it gets on my skin I feel like this essence sits on top of my skin (more emollient). It took me a while to get it fully absorbed. I used it for more or less 3months (on & off) and still have 30% of the products left. Effectiveness on my skin: I really don’t think this essence calm and sooth my acne. All I can think of this essence is just hydrating and moisturizing. That’s it. Since I feel this essence too moisturizing on my skin, sometimes I apply this after my serum, before my (gel) moisturizer.
product review negatives
Downside: The absorption takes time, and I don’t feel any of the benefits except hydrating. I was and still am expecting for calmness from this. 😢🤞🏼 Overall this is just an okay product for me. I put some of it in a spray bottle and I still keep using this essence only after my night shower (to keep my skin hydrated) but before my night skincare routine(my night skincare routine usually before when I get to bed). Ratings: 3/5⭐️⭐️⭐️ (doesn’t wow me much)




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