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Light Serum Arbutin & Glutathione




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Light Serum Arbutin & Glutathione

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Amazing serum. I just tell good for it. It helps me a lot with my hyperpigmentation. When I had already spent 5 days a week with my boy friend, but we hadn’t moved together at that time, there was a limited amount of what I stored there. Unfortunately, I can't take all the creams with me. I always brought this. This and the hada labo whitening toner worked wonders together, I didn't use anything else when i was with him and i didnt have time for it to use more products. So i recommend this product, it made my spots disappear and it gaves me back my self confidence. :) The only so-so experience with it, that because of the whitening effect, It bleached all over my face, making it much lighter after months of use than the rest of my body. But its okay with that product and koreans like to be too white. I dont like when my face and body is white like a wall😂 but in the other hand no coloured spots on my face, so all in all i rather choose wall white face without hyperpigmentation than sunburnt nice brown face with spots everywhere.
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Nothing bad. Everything was fine.




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