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Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack




felyfey review for Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack

Wash-Off Masks

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Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack

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Let's have a viral mask surgery that's really hard to find, is it that good? I personally know this brand since its debut and I really like their products, because all the products are indeed climate inspired and that is the tagline of this Brand. For the indonesian climate is very suitable 😍 I've used some of its products and I've reviewed, you guys can scroll yes With 61% mugwort extract, adzuki beans seed, kelp extract, artichoke leaf extract, houttuynia cordata extract, nelumbo nucifera leaf extrract, vigra radiata seed extract, and special patent technology Dermatic AC 3. These are all 6+1+1 Advance Formula by Axis-y This product is the latest innovation claymask different from claymask in general. claymask in general it is shaped like cement paste and has a drying effect, this product comes with a soft texture with mugwort flakes and adzuki beans with a relaxed plant fragrance, when applied on the face there is a little cooling effect that I feel, and during the use of this mask I can still talk and do not feel stiff at all. Using kaolin and bentonite as claymask agents that are gently skinned Clean pores, control sebum, exfoliate gently, healing my stress and tired skin. Personally, masking is my healing metime 😌 and after rinsing my skin is fresher, supple, pores are clean and reduce inflammation in acne I use it 2-3 times a week or whenever I want 😂 because again really like masking hehe. So answered already yes why claymask is liked by many people and it's as good as it's the benefits that I feel from this claymask is really real Oiya, my skin is sensitive and also reddish which is often very fussy, and when my skin is fussy, I will use this mask for first aid healing and it's work 💚 this product is always be my favourite and always in my skincare stash. Good Job Axis-Y 💚 ė‚Žė˜ė˜
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I can't find bad about this product




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Nice review
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Great review ðŸĐ·

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