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Peptide Ampoule

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Peptide Ampoule

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i've been using this almost 3 weeks for now. the texture of this product is simply more like thick liquid, feels slick and need time to absorbs. i don't find any scent, and when i read the ingredients list, i know this product doesn't used any fragrance. i love the concept of their packaging. looks so simple yet elegant. white color dominates the dus packaging, with a little silver on top. for their products, they use doff glass bottles equipped with pipettes. their ingredients is dominated with peptide (as the name of this product of course). they use 8 types of peptide. peptide is known as anti-aging agent, good for skin barrier, anti wrinkles, eases inflammation, and helps you to get more elastic skin. what i feel after regulary using this product are, my skin feels more hydrated, plumpy, glowing, and healthy. i love this kind of result. another thing i love about this product is the slick texture, feels so nice on my skin.
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actually i can not find any bad thing about this product.




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