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Madagascar Centella Toning Toner




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Madagascar Centella Toning Toner

product review positives
🌿Product comes in a 210ml, light amber plastic bottle with an opaque white screw on lid. Has a small-holed stopper to easily shake out desired amount of product. Bottle has a beautiful pic (same as box) on the back side of label that you can see through the bottle. Has zero fragrance. 🌿Clear, watery consistency that absorbs quickly without leaving a film or sticky feel. Does not sit heavy on the skin. 🌿I use 2x's daily after cleansing stage in my routines. I shake a small amount into hands and dab dab dab all over face, neck and decolletage. 🌿This toner provides moisturization, helps with redness, provides wrinkle ease, all while gently exfoliating with a PHA, gluconolactone. I've noticed help with sebum production as well. 🌿Containing only 15 ingredients, it makes it a great choice for sensitive skin. My top 3 are: Centella Extract (84% and sourced from Madagascar), Niacinamide and Adenosine ✅Final Thoughts: Although I am used to much stronger chemical exfoliates, that is not my purpose for using, or liking, this toner. It has helped me when I have damaged my skin barrier and is an all around very pleasant toner to use. Highly recommend and give 5/5💋(stars).
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I prefer flip top lids.




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