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7 Moisture Soothing Toner

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Andeng review for 7 Moisture Soothing Toner


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7 Moisture Soothing Toner

product review positives
I think I have found my holy grail toner. No, really. It delivers. This product is that good. I was looking for a new hydrating toner to try, and I saw this online. Its product description is enticing, which made me decide to try it out. It boats its Hepta-Hyal Complex, a formulation of hyaluronic acid of seven different sizes. (You can check the ingredient list for more info about this.) But besides that, it also has a Green Barrier Formula consisting of green tea, centella asiatica, and, artemesia. I was happy when I found out this product has those ingredients. But I was even happier when I found out it contains licorice root! Not only is this toner hydrating and calming, it is also brightening! It has a thick, viscous-like consistency, as what you would have expected in a product that has hyaluronic acid. But it is not sticky. So when you apply it on your face, your skin absorbs it easily. You can definitely layer this. I usually do two layers, and I do not even have a dry or dehydrated skin! I just love a hydrated skin and a healthy skin barrier. Also, I was careless with exfoliation and irritated my face in the process. And this toner helped a lot in calming my skin down. You should definitely try this toner!
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I have no bad experience with this toner.




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