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Time-Filler Eyes




Chris review for Time-Filler Eyes

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Time-Filler Eyes

product review positives
I have been on a hunt for an eye cream lately. My lines, discoloration, and puffiness have finally started to annoy me enough to find something that would help. My one requirement was that the cream would be safe to use on the actual eyelid, not just the orbital bone area. I had no idea just how few eye creams meet this criterion! This cream from Filorga is one of just a handful of eye creams that is formulated to be safe all over the eye. In fact, one of the claims that the company makes is that not only can you apply it to the eyelids, but even the lashes to make them thicker. In addition, the cream is formulated to minimize wrinkles and under-eye hollows, fade dark circles, even out the skin tone, and lift the upper eyelids. I have used this cream for several weeks, and while I feel that it is moisturizing, I did not experience any of the anti-aging effects, or lash enhancement. The formula is soft and creamy. It absorbs fairly quickly. It is highly fragranced. The scent is somewhat floral, and it does not dissipate, which may be an issue to anyone with sensitivities. The price point is $59 for 0.5 oz of product.
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Not effective. Expensive. Strong scent.




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