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Safe Me. Relief Watery Gel Cream

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PickyEv review for Safe Me. Relief Watery Gel Cream


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Safe Me. Relief Watery Gel Cream

product review positives
🌡 I received this product for free from Picky and make p:rem in exchange for my honest review. As always, all thoughts are my own. 🌡 ❓ What is it? β˜‘οΈ The make p:rem Safe Me. Relief Watery Cream is a gel moisturiser that instantly soothes and cools dehydrated and irritated skin while replenishing moisture. ❓ Packaging? β˜‘οΈ It comes in a plastic jar with a lid that is shaped to grip easily which is really helpful, especially if hands are slippery. Comes with a spatula to allow easy and hygienic scooping of the cream. ❓ Texture? β˜‘οΈ This has a gel-type texture that is moderately dense yet watery. It is not sticky or oily and doesn’t have a scent. ❓ What’s in it? β˜‘οΈ Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract – AKA Prickly Pear Extract which is the main ingredient, making up 74% of this cream. 🌡 Prickly Pear Extract is fantastic for hydrating and soothing the skin. It can also protect skin cells from UV light. Other notable ingredients include: β˜‘οΈ Panthenol – Deeply moisturises the skin. Promotes wound healing and reduces the formation of scars. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. β˜‘οΈ Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil – Gently hydrates, moisturises and soothes the skin. Has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-aging properties.. Non-allergenic and non-acnegenic. β˜‘οΈ Glycerin – A humectant; allows the skin to retain moisture. Strengthens skin barrier and helps shield the skin from environmental irritators. Has antimicrobial properties and also enhances the absorption of other ingredients. ❓ My thoughts? β˜‘οΈ I love the texture of the cream. I have acne-prone combination skin so I prefer gel-type moisturisers. This is perfect because it has ingredients that prevent breakouts. πŸ‘ Pros: βœ… It deeply hydrates my skin and keeps it moisturised overnight. βœ… It absorbs easily without leaving any residue; sticky or greasy. βœ… It feels lovely and soothing, and cools my skin. βœ… Perfect moisturiser to use with sunscreen as it helps protect against UV light. βœ… Fragrance and alcohol free. βœ… Gentle with a low pH of 5.5 βœ… Helps balance skin moisture and oil levels. βœ… Vegan and clean. πŸ‘Ž Cons: ❌ Honestly, none! I haven’t found anything negative about this cream. ❀️ Conclusion: 🌡 I really love this cream! It’s gentle, soothing, hydrating and helps repair the skin. It layers perfectly with other skincare products, including sunscreen, and I experienced no negative side effects. I recommend it to anyone, especially those who find they break out with other moisturisers. Definitely worth a try! 🌡🌡
product review negatives
Nothing! Nada. Zilch. I found nothing bad about this product. (Unless you count that it doesn't automatically refill itself...) πŸ˜…




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