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Pore Cleansing Oil BHA




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Pore Cleansing Oil BHA

product review positives
Hanskin Cleansing Oil BHA is specifically for those with oily and acne prone skin to remove makeup and dissolve sebum to keep pores clear. Key ingredients: - Salicylic Acid is a BHA acid that dissolves excess sebum that causes breakouts - Orange Peel Oil is a fruit extract packed with antioxidants - Jojoba Oil plant-based oil that improves skin texture and hydration - Eucalyptus Oil is a purifying plant extract that gives skin a fresh feeling Wasn’t a fan of the BHA version of cleansing oil. Much prefer the PHA cleansing oil or the AHA cleansing balm. PROS: - Free of parabens, dye, alcohol - Cleaned makeup off well
product review negatives
CONS: - Caused me to breakout whenever I used - Doesn’t emulsify - Scent is unappealing - Thicker than most cleansing oils - Dried skin out




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I need to try this! Thank you for your review ✨

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