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Carrot Blemish Serum




SapphireRoses review for Carrot Blemish Serum

Acne & Blemish Treatments

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Carrot Blemish Serum

product review positives
If we consider immediate effects then this serum gives that commonly desired sheer glow or sheen to skin without pearlescent pigments like a primer would or even some other emulsified serums. Although, I wouldn't say this could be used in a replacement to a primer as it doesn't fill pores. Some people reading this may think it's irrelevant for me to be comparing this serum to nature of primers. The reason why I mentioned this point is because some people are trying to apply less products to their face to prevent maskne; therefore more than ever people seek to use skin care as a replacement to makeup or certain steps within a makeup regime (e.g. primers). Regardless, this serum is brilliant for combination and oily skin types this season. It balances skin and doesn't encourage excess sebum production. It's fast absorbing for convenience in the morning or simply for those who don't like residue after applying skin care.
product review negatives
Some would say it's not really a serum, it more so has the texture of a light cream or gel-cream. If you want a more watery or 'typical' serum texture, then this product might not be what you are looking for.




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Hy! Can i find in Europe?

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