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pH Balance Calming Toner




ReeneeReviews review for pH Balance Calming Toner


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pH Balance Calming Toner

product review positives
🥛 I received this product for free from @go.picky and @pure.am_official in exchange my honest review 🥛 WOW guys. I had no idea what to expect with this one but I’m so impressed! It’s my first product from @pure.am_official and I’m in love! This toner promises deep hydration and smoothed, calmed skin. It is also organic, clean, cruelty free, and vegan! 🥛 Packaging: 250mL of goodness, chunky plastic bottle with a twist off cap. Super minimal. Love the black and white branding. 🥛 Main Ingredients: swipe to see the full list of ingredients, but if I were to pull out a few main ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Vegan Ceramide, and Cica. All three of these aid in hydrating, soothing, and locking in moisture to the skin. 🥛 Texture and Scent: This is a very watery, slightly cloudy toner. It’s not as viscous as many other milky toners that we know, which I actually like. It soaks into my skin super easily. It leaves me a bit sticky but dries down quickly enough. No added fragrance and I can’t detect a scent. 🥛 Experience: I can’t stop grabbing for this toner. It gives my skin such a beautiful glow and redness reduction, I find myself using it in both my morning and evening routines. Usually I don’t like such watery toners because it feels like it’s not doing anything, but this milky potion always leaves my skin soft and calmed. I love the minimal list of ingredients and how effective it is considering it is organic, clean, and vegan! This also plays well with other products, and applies well with both hand and cotton pads. I definitely want to check out more from this brand now!
product review negatives
Really cant find anything bad. Maybe a bit too hydrating for super oily skin? Not even sure about that, though.




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Thanks for your honest and encouraging review!!! 🥰❤️

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