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Vitamin E Calming Ampoule




Siitha review for Vitamin E Calming Ampoule


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Vitamin E Calming Ampoule

product review positives
I’ve been in love with this Vit E Calming ampoule since I used 3 sample size when I used the Vit E Light Calming Cream in the first week trying. I got this for free from Picky Rewards and COMMONLABS in exchage for my honest review. I love how watery this ampoule when it hits the skin even its so thick in form, moreover, there its non sticky and super fast absorbed (you can check on the vidio) for the texture. This ampoule is free from bad alcohol and additional fragrance, yet you can smell fresh herbal scent from its tea tree oil and maybe cocoa since its contained in ingredient list. Comparing to its Light Cream, this ampoule only has 72% tea tree leaf extract with 100ppm Vit E (while the light cream contains 1000ppm Vit E). There is also no clearly defined how much ppm Gesolza, the patented inggredients, in this ampoule while the Light Cream contains 20000ppm gesolza. This ampoule is contains alantoin as soothing agent and madecassoside as healing agent and other nourishing inggredients as its Light Cream does. I have good impression since I used the sample size. This Vit E Calming Ampoule is superb when it is combined with its Light Calming Cream. You can check the vidio of my progress in 5 days, there is clearly progress of before and after using it. For 30mL thick ampoule in simple green bottle with pippete drops, its original price in Korean Won if converted to Indonesian Rupiah is still affordable. While the price in official store is quite pricy, but there always be a special price which come near to its its original price in Korean Won in their official store.
product review negatives
The only annoying bout this ampoule is the pippete drops is a bit slippery when I use it. I dunno if its due to my other skincare or the aplicator itself.




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