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Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream




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Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream

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Compared to K-Beauty giants such as innisfree and Etude House, Korean cruelty-free skin care brand iUNIK may not have a huge range of products, but 17 out of its 18 products available at YesStyle hit the bestsellers chart. ______ I’ve always enjoyed a simple routine with potent products. I’m not really a big fan of eye creams but like a bee to honey, I got attracted to the iUNIK’s popular Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream. ______ How much propolis contains The eye cream contains 40.5% propolis, 9.2% sea buckthorn and 300ppm of idebenone, an antioxidant ten times as powerful as coenzyme Q10 that reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. The eye cream is free from ethanol, artificial colorants and fragrances. ______ How it feels on skin The Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream is contained in a plastic tube with a nozzle that’s larger than that of most eye creams and has a faint floral scent. ___ Coming in a creamy white color, the sorbet-like cream is super fine and smooth with no sticky or oily feeling whatsoever. I usually use this right after applying moisturizer or before going to sleep, and I’m immediately left with softer, smoother skin. ______ The verdict No matter what, I still think eye creams are a waste of money, but I also believe this eye cream is moisturizing, as well as giving the skin adequate nourishment and a dose of rich antioxidants, enough to give that under eye area a little bit extra boost during the upcoming dry winter months.
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Everything is so good in this moisturizer




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