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Vitamin E Calming Light Cream




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Vitamin E Calming Light Cream

product review positives
When i applied it on my skin,immediately i feel super soothing feeling that it really calm my sensitive skin. It have the tea tree smell but the smell will gone after applied so i feel its ok for me as it contain 72% tea tree leaf to treat causes of skin troubles. My skin feel very hydrate and it stays for the wholeday 😍 Its great that it didnt cause breakout for me as i easily gets breakout if a cream is too hydrated to me. I use this as my daily cream during my trips to cameron highland and require to wear face all the time for whole day and it did well in controlling my sebum production while my skin stay hydrated. I would recommend to use it at night to wake up with a "doink doink" skin . This would be a great light cream if your skin is sensitive type and have Mask-ne problems and Ance-skin people. Hope i got the chance to try the ampoule soon too 😚
product review negatives
Not really like the smell actually 🤭 I thinl this would be best to use at night under aircond room or even cool weather country.




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