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Snail Bee Ultimate Eye Cream




nessietu review for Snail Bee Ultimate Eye Cream

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Snail Bee Ultimate Eye Cream

product review positives
Gotta love brands that emphasise on eco♻️friendly packaging - this one is made with sugarcane paper and soy ink I just love the texture of this eye cream - it's slightly creamy and gel-like but not to the extent that it becomes sticky. It also spreads really easily and is readily absorbed into my skin It doesn't feel heavy on my eyes - i have this fear of eyecreams as i've tried alot that ended up feeling very thick and heavy on my skin. This felt quite lightweight, but after consecutive overnight uses, i could feel that the skin around my eyes has become alot more supple💦 I can't say much about it's anti-wrinkle benefits as i don't have much smile lines to begin with, but hopefully, with continuous usage, any potential smile lines gets delayed🙈 Scrent-less and definately hydrating as promised, i personally feel that i've benefited wonderfully from this eye cream - with super love to how it does not result in any tiny bumps or milia formation - i think i've found my potentially top loved eye cream🥰
product review negatives
brightening and dark circles wise, i didn't see too much of a difference - however, my eyebags and dark circles are pretty deep, so maybe i just need more time🤭




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Love the review and cat-featuring shots!
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This sounds so amazing and love the eco-friendly packaging 😍

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