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Rice Wash Off Mask

House of Dohwa

House of Dohwa


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Wash-Off Masks

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Rice Wash Off Mask

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The House of Dohwa White Rice Wash Off Mask is a rinse off mask designed to soften and brighten skin whilst offering some light exfoliation. šŸš I love wash off masks but they are often less hydrating and more drying, and designed to help with pores and oily skin so it was nice to have a more hydrating wash off mask. The packaging is great. I love how minimalist it is, yet very practical. Even when I get to squeezing out the last drops I won't have any trouble. šŸš The mask itself has an almost mousse like texture with some small pieces of rice mixed through. It applies in a nice thin but hydrating layer to the face. Leave on for 10 mins then rinse off. It won't really fully dry down like other masks. I've also left it on for longer without irritation. It has a nice smell to it but it is very light so shouldn't be too strong for sensitive noses. šŸš After rinsing it off my skin feels soft and smooth and not dry or tight at all. I really love this mask and I love how many uses I will be ale to get out of this product.
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Nothing. I actually really love everything about this product.




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