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Purity Sun Essence SPF50+ PA++++

Face Republic

Face Republic


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Purity Sun Essence SPF50+ PA++++

product review positives
if you’re like me with oily skin and in a constant hunt for a non-greasy and actually WATERPROOF korean sunscreen, look no more besties… i got you! 💪🏻 prior to receiving this sunscreen from @facerepublic.sg, i’ve seen quite a number of promising reviews about it and true enough, i’m in love. 😍 the Purity Sun Essence is a sunscreen with a physical filter, namely zinc oxide, which claims to be waterproof with a lightweight, non-sticky finish. not all brands would have the confidence to put “without white cast” on their sunscreen packaging, but @facerepublic deliver on their promises. 👌🏻 it has a lightweight, lotion-like consistency that is easy to spread, no white streaks and leaving behind zero white cast on me. it has a pretty strong milky, typical sunscreen smell which i have no issue with, but it might not be for everyone. the scent goes away quickly after application. now, it does take time to absorb so i won’t suggest to apply on damp skin or you’ll look like a hot shiny mess. once it dries down, it leaves a nice, dewy finish that is not too shiny on my oily skin. ✨ it doesn’t feel greasy throughout the day even after reapplication and under the hot weather here, but my skin does look a little bit more shiny after (still on acceptable level 😂). its texture and finish are HIGHLY similar to Isntree’s and BOJ’s (i’ve reviewed both) but this one wins my heart solely due to it being waterproof (i have no problem working out with this on) and its price point - $18.90 for 50ml at Shopee SG. it’s a no brainer that i will purchase it myself once i run out. 🤩 love the slim tube packaging too, making it convenient to bring anywhere. overall, i would recommend this to all skin types, except super oily skin AND sensitive skin. oily skin like myself can get away without moisturizer and dry skin peeps can apply a light layer of cream underneath for extra moisture.
product review negatives
this one contains a few oils and T-Butyl alcohol (swipe for full ingredients list), though my skin never react badly to this, it’s something worth noting.




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Thanks for the info and lovely review.
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this looks great!

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