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Barrier Sun Shield SPF 40 PA++++




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Barrier Sun Shield SPF 40 PA++++

product review positives
Indolent to reapply sunscreen? Lazy to even apply a sunscreen? Tired of whitecast in sunscreen? Hate sunscreens that have an overwhelming scent? Alluskin Barrier Sun Shield is here to protect our skin from damage caused by UV rays Is this a moisturiser or sunscreen?? Well, for me, it's both! 🤭 Did you know, lab test result for this sunscreen is SPF 52+ even though they label the product as SPF 40? 🤩 Scent No noticeable scent from this sun shield. Oh, I love unscented product~ 🅼🆈 🅴🆇🅿🅴🆁🅸🅴🅽🅲🅴 Oh my! HG product alert!. This unscented suncreen is fast absorbing without leaving any tacky or oily feeling. Instead, it leaves a glowing finish and moisturizes my skin well. Oh ya, no teary eyes as well ☺ In fact, no whitecast present after using this product. Since it makes my skin moisturized, I skipped using a moisturizer to not make my skin overly moisturized. Although it is easy to spread and lightweight, but I prefer to apply it layer by layer. Usually I layered it 3 times just to ensure that sufficient amount applied. The re-application process is also not a hustle as I just dabbed my face using towel/tissue/blotting paper and then just reapply this Barrier Sun Shield. The 10ml trial size product comes with a cute, tiny and transparent pouch, it is very easy to put this product in a handbag without taking up a lot of space and also to monitor how much product is left in it. The pouch can also be squeezed and we can empty it by pushing all the products into the pouch opening. Also, to store the product, just simply tap the lid into the pouch and I'm glad it didn't leak~. As for the travel size, it comes with a 30ml airless pump bottle. Did I experience any discomfort or adverse reactions after using this product? Absolutely not! 𝕻𝖗𝖔𝖘 🔹️Can act as 2-in-1, a moisturizer + sunscreen 🔹️Lightweight with fast absorption rate 🔹️Does not leave a tacky feeling 🔹️Provides good hydration & moisturizes skin well 🔹️Leaves a natural glow finish 🔹️No teary eyes 🔹️Easy to carry around without spilling 🔹️Easy peasy for reapplication 🔹️No whitecast 🔹️Unscented product 🔹️I did not experience any discomfort or adverse reactions
product review negatives
Not really a bad thing, only the moisturizing effect is ideal to cater for oily-combination skin needs. Dry skin peep perhaps have to top up with a moisturizer prior using this product




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