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Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream

Dr. Jart+

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PoshLife review for Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream


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Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream

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CLAIMS What makes it unique: When used twice a day, this reparative moisturizing cream delivers a surge of comforting moisture to calm irritation and help red, inflamed, sensitive skin look and feel better. It’s a pale green color — the opposite of red on the color wheel — and has a soft, creamy, medium-weight texture. It’s one of our best-selling Korean moisturizers for dry skin. What’s in it: Tiger Grass (aka Centella Asiatica or Cica), an herbal remedy tigers in the Asian wetlands have rolled around in for centuries to help heal their wounds. MY EXPERIENCE 💕 I’ve always trusted Dr Jart products ever since their Ceramidin cream became my HG moisturizer. This product is no different 💕 I opt for this one if my skin has more irritation and sensitivity because of the Centella Asiatica that is great for calming and soothing properties 💕 This is less thick than the Dr Jart Ceramidin cream but thicker than the Dr Jart tea tree moisturizer. So this is right in the middle of those 2 moisturizers. 💕 My main use for this is to soothe my irritated skin esp during my allergy flare ups and it does the job well 💕 I can still layer the Ceramidin or any moisturizer on top of this without any issues or heavy feeling and congestion 💕 I’m happy @DrJart released this limited ed jumbo tube. Hope the company can make the Ceramidin in jumbo tube too! 😉
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💕 Nothing bad except for a little scent but it doesnt bother me




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Great recommendation & review! Thank you. 💚

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