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Phyto Firming Cream

Hue Calm

Hue Calm


LilacLuna review for Phyto Firming Cream


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Phyto Firming Cream

product review positives
The Phyto Firming Cream claims to firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is deeply hydrating and reinforces the skin barrier on multiple levels. It has an added natural fragrance that shouldn’t irritate the skin. I received this product from Picky and Huecalm in exchange for my honest review. Key ingredients: 🪴 Soy, Pea, and vegetable protein to hydrate the skin 🌿 Cica, moringa ceramide, and macadamia ceramide: treat damaged skin barrier 🥑 Avocado oil, olive oil, and Shea butter: provide lasting hydration 👍 My skin has been absolutely loving this cream lately! It’s a very rich and moisturizing so it’s perfect for use overnight. I always wake up after using this surprised at how hydrated my face feels even after so many hours. It isn’t too heavy and it sinks in fast, but I think the brand’s description of it being “lightweight” isn’t very accurate. The scent is very light and herbal and my skin seems fine with it although I could always do without added fragrance. On their website, HueCalm states that the Phyto Firming Cream scored “0.00” on the skin irritation index, however, I would still use caution if you have sensitivities. The packaging feels high quality and I like that a small spatula is included to keep the product sanitary. Overall, The Phyto Firming Cream gets a a big thumbs up from me and my skin!
product review negatives
👎 I didn’t notice any visible effects on skin firmness, but that wasn’t a big concern for me to begin with. This cream is also a bit expensive at $43 for 2.46 oz of product so I would hesitate to repurchase unless there was a sale.




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hue calm does have some great products , it would be nice if they lowered their price a little bit.

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