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Eggplant Clearing Mild Cleansing Foam




Miaahannah review for Eggplant Clearing Mild Cleansing Foam


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Eggplant Clearing Mild Cleansing Foam

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I received this product for free from Picky and Papa Recipe in exchange for my honest review. ⭐️I have sensitive skin and the main appeal of skin care products is: mild, clean, refreshing, non-irritating, and fragrance-free. The first step in skin care is a facial cleanser. The choice of facial cleanser is very important. If the cleanser is too gentle, it does not wash away the dirt. Too much cleansing power can irritate the skin's water-oil imbalance. You have to find the cleanser that is just right for your skin. It must leaves the skin clean and non-irritated. 🌟I have been using [papa recipe Eggplant Clearing Mild Cleansing Foam] for two weeks recently and I am very satisfied! It fulfills all my requirements for a cleanser: non-irritating after cleanse while also refreshing and not tight after each wash. You can feel it after applying the mask, because the skin is not clogged with dirt and absorbs very quickly. 🌟It is also very simple to use. It only takes a little bit of water. After adding water, you can knead thick bubbles. It has no smell, and it is very clean and nonirritating. I like it very much and is very satisfied! 🍆Why does papa recipe eggplant facial cleanser perform so well? Let's take a look at the official product ingredients and features: 🍆The main ingredients of papa recepic Eggplant Foaming Cleanser are: *Eggplant Extract: Rich lupin alcohol treats sensitive skin. * Calendula Extract: Soothes sensitive and damaged skin. * Birch Sap: Helps to have lively and moisturised skin Benefits and Features of papa recepic Eggplant Face Wash: 🍆100% Hypoallergenic: Papa Recipe Face Wash is a hypoallergenic beauty product designed for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. Helps improve the overall appearance of your skin for a youthful glow without the need for heavy creams, lotions, gels, oils, clays, charcoal, mud or harsh exfoliating scrubs or exfoliants *Benefits for skin: Eggplant Facial Cleanser gently washes away skin waste with a dense lather. Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Moisturizes dry skin. 100% Natural Ingredients: Eggplant Extract 36% rich in Lupinol for acne-prone skin. Calendula extract, soothes sensitive skin. Birch sap is used for moisturizing. 📖This product is mostly recommended for the people who have breakouts or has an acne prone skin type. ❤️Thank you@go.picky @pickyrewards@go.picky @pickyrewards @paparecipe_global_official for sending me papa recipe to try!
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Nothing bad about this product so far.




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Real complete rewiew
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thanks for sharing
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I need to try it 💕

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