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Eggplant Clearing Mild Cleansing Foam




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Eggplant Clearing Mild Cleansing Foam

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🍆Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Mild Cleansing Foam ($17.95) is a gentle daily face wash that is hypoallergenic & suitable for all skintypes including the most sensitive. Eggplant Clearing improves the overall appearance, giving a youthful glow without heavy creams or oils. The dense foam clears away skin waste and hydrates the skin. The main ingredients listed are Eggplant extract, Calendula flower extract and Birch sap. Combined together help acne-prone skin calm down and remain moisturized. Being pH balanced--this face wash is ideal for dry/sensitive skintypes above them all. No noticeable scent or fragrance other than a "clean" smell that can only be traced to the wash. It's gentle and lovely, especially as a daily cleanser. The lather up is absolutely amazing, foamy and bubbly to create such a nice experience. When you rinse it off, your skin definitely feels cleaner to the touch. Upon dry down, there is a noticeable sheen to the skin that can be left alone to enhance your natural glow or helpful under foundation/makeup as a great clean slate. All in all, I'm actually almost done with my first bottle since this has been my recent go-to before and after work. Lol Luckily for me, they sent me two bottles to play with. 5/5 I highly recommend as your everyday face wash due to the gentle nature of the product. If you want something effective without harsh exfoliants or acids, this is the one most definitely!
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🚫Nothing really negative to say about this product. It's gentle, it works and I love it for my sensitive skin!!




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Papa Recipe has some good products

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